Letter to the editor. Am I an alpha woman? YES! Charting the Journey of Self-Discovery. Personal Growth Beyond Societal Expectations

Letter to the editor. Am I an alpha woman? YES! Charting the Journey of Self-Discovery. Personal Growth Beyond Societal Expectations

Am I an alpha woman?

Your narrative is a profound testament to the resilience, strength, and transformative power inherent in every woman’s journey from vulnerability to empowerment. Your introspective query, „Am I an alpha woman?“ opens a dialogue not just about self-identification but about the essence of personal growth and the indomitable spirit of a woman navigating through life’s myriad challenges.

Being an „alpha woman“ is a concept that transcends the traditional definitions of leadership and dominance often portrayed in societal stereotypes. It’s about embodying resilience, wisdom, and grace in the face of adversity. It’s about recognizing one’s own strength and value, navigating life with confidence and self-assurance while nurturing and empowering those around us.

Kerstin, your journey is a vivid illustration of what it means to be an alpha woman in today’s world. As a single parent, you’ve shown incredible resilience and dedication, not just in managing the complexities of raising three active children but in consciously making time for self-care and personal development. This balance is not just commendable but inspirational. Your weekends spent in solitude—exploring, learning, and rejuvenating—are acts of self-love that fuel your ability to be present and engaged as a mother, imparting lessons of curiosity, independence, and the importance of self-care to your children.

The transformation you’ve undergone, particularly in the aftermath of a toxic relationship, speaks volumes about your strength and determination to reclaim your identity and well-being. Ending a relationship that no longer serves us is a courageous act of self-preservation and a critical step towards healing and self-discovery. It’s a declaration that your well-being and happiness are paramount, and it sets a powerful example for your children about the importance of healthy relationships and self-respect.

Your journey of self-reflection and the deliberate steps you’ve taken towards personal growth and understanding are the very embodiment of what it means to be an alpha woman. The alpha woman in you has navigated through the complexities of life with grace, turning challenges into opportunities for growth and self-discovery.

The concept of being an alpha woman is not about reaching a final destination or fitting into a predefined mold; it’s about the journey itself. It’s about evolving, learning, and growing through every experience life throws our way. Kerstin, your journey is a beacon of hope and inspiration for many women. It shows that being true to oneself, embracing change, and facing life with courage and optimism are the essence of true empowerment.

At G-Emotion, we believe every woman’s journey is unique, yet universally connected by shared experiences of resilience, strength, and the quest for self-discovery. Your story is a powerful addition to this collective narrative, reminding us that we are not alone in our struggles and that together, we can overcome, thrive, and inspire.

We are honored to share your journey and look forward to more stories of transformation and empowerment from our community. Your experiences, Kerstin, are a testament to the indomitable spirit of the alpha woman in all of us, constantly evolving and redefining what it means to be powerful and empowered.

Letter to the Editor

Dear G-Emotion, „from girl to alpha woman,“

I’ve been following you since the beginning. You’re quiet at the moment, yet your posts and content still resonate within me. I ask myself, „Am I an alpha woman?“ Can one define it as such?

My name is Kerstin, I’m in my mid-thirties biologically, have three very active children in primary school, and have been a single parent for about a year.

Your posts don’t involve children, yet I feel addressed. Since I can regularly carve out time on weekends without children for myself, I’ve found myself in some of your posts. I usually spend these weekends alone, indulging in activities like travel, small outings, relaxation at spas, nature, art, city trips, sports, reading, gaining knowledge, mindset/personal development, organizing externally and internally as needed, and fundamentally just being with myself.

The children notice this too, realizing that I am more relaxed, fresher, more rejuvenated, and they start asking questions about what I did on the weekend and sometimes want to join in or do similar things together. This gives me a lot of strength because it allows me to impart to the kids a broader perspective and what is possible on their journey.

But where was I as a woman during the time with my ex-partner? I had lost myself, but never entirely. I took time out from my ex-partner’s perspective to take care of myself and do things that are good for me. Unfortunately, understanding was lacking here, which diminished the joy in those activities, even though they were so essential from my perspective at the time. There were many things in every aspect that led me to the decision to end that toxic relationship in hindsight. Everything ends to begin anew. It was a necessary step because my soul would have otherwise died, and my body was already screaming regularly. I couldn’t really be myself, and despite living with internal minimalism, it would have been insufficient in the long run. It was survival mode that kept me in this relationship for too long, the house, the children, „what will others think“ etc.

This wasn’t a selfish step, but the first step of self-care. Despite having three children, I never had any fear or the like since my decision to leave. It still feels very liberating.

I simultaneously parted ways with the expectations of others and began to realize that only I can take care of myself, only I can give myself what I need, and I am solely responsible for myself, no one else. In this process, many people left my life, and I recognized the right ones. Many didn’t remain, but the right ones did, leaving me alone with my well-being mindset.

This year, I’ve spent a lot of time reflecting on myself, delving into my feelings, and re-evaluating my interpretations of them. Much was let go, some things were changed, and some remained because that’s who I am. It was a partly painful process but incredibly valuable.

The question I ask myself is, am I an alpha woman? I don’t know. And honestly, I couldn’t care less as long as I stay true to myself and don’t lose sight of who I am.

Dear G-Emotion, I hope many women see your page and are inspired by it, finding the courage to perhaps share their experiences, implementations, and stories in that direction themselves.

I look forward to more contributions from you or your readership.

With love, Kerstin

Answer from g-emotion team

Dear Kerstin,

First and foremost, thank you for your heartfelt letter and for sharing your journey with us at G-Emotion. Your story is a testament to the resilience and transformative power of the human spirit, and it resonates deeply with the essence of what we strive to inspire in our community: the journey „from girl to alpha woman.“

Your question, „Am I an alpha woman?“ is profound and reflective of a deeper quest for identity and self-understanding. At G-Emotion, we believe that being an alpha woman doesn’t adhere to a singular definition. Instead, it’s a personal narrative of empowerment, resilience, and self-discovery. It’s about knowing your worth, embracing your strengths, and overcoming challenges with grace and determination.

Kerstin, your narrative is a beautiful illustration of this definition. Navigating life as a single parent, finding time for self-care, and engaging in activities that foster personal growth are all hallmarks of someone who is not just surviving but thriving. Your ability to reflect, adapt, and grow, especially after ending a toxic relationship, showcases a remarkable strength and an indomitable spirit. You have taken steps not just towards self-care but towards reclaiming your identity and shaping a life that resonates with who you are and who you aspire to be.

The way you’ve prioritized your well-being and personal development, all while being a nurturing and inspiring figure to your children, is commendable. It’s clear that you’re not just telling them about the possibilities life holds but showing them through your actions. This, Kerstin, is the essence of being an alpha woman—leading by example, making bold choices for your happiness and well-being, and influencing those around you in the most positive and empowering ways.

Regarding your self-reflection and the changes you’ve embraced, it’s evident that you’ve embarked on a deeply transformative journey. Letting go, changing, and retaining parts of oneself are all steps in the ongoing process of self-discovery and personal evolution. Your openness to this process, despite its challenges, speaks volumes about your courage and your commitment to living authentically.

To answer your question: Yes, Kerstin, you embody the spirit of an alpha woman. Not because you fit a certain mold or definition, but because you have chosen to live with authenticity, courage, and a deep commitment to self-growth. You’ve shown that being an alpha woman is not a static state but a dynamic journey of becoming.

We at G-Emotion are inspired by your story and believe it will inspire many others in our community. Sharing experiences, challenges, and triumphs is how we all grow together, learning from each other and supporting one another on our individual and collective journeys.

We look forward to hearing more about your journey and from others who, like you, are navigating the path of self-discovery and empowerment. Your story is a beacon of hope and a reminder that transformation is possible, and that within each of us lies the power to shape our destiny.

With admiration and support,
The G-Emotion Team


Letter to the editor. Am I an alpha woman? YES! Charting the Journey of Self-Discovery. Personal Growth Beyond Societal Expectations
Letter to the editor. Am I an alpha woman? YES! Charting the Journey of Self-Discovery. Personal Growth Beyond Societal Expectations

Original message


Liebes G-Emotion, „from girl to alpha woman“

Ich verfolge dich seit Anfang an. Du bist momentan ruhig, deine Beiträge und Inhalte arbeiten dennoch in mir. Ich stelle mir die Frage „Bin ich eine Alpha-Frau?“. Kann man diese so per se definieren?

Ich heiße Kerstin, bin vom biologischen Alter Mitte Dreißig, habe drei sehr agile Kinder im Volksschulalter und bin seit ca. einem Jahr alleinerziehend.

Deine Beiträge beinhalten nichts mit Kindern, dennoch fühle ich mich angesprochen.
Da ich regelmäßig Zeit an Wochenenden ohne Kindern für mich gestalten kann, habe ich mich in einigem wiedergefunden.
Ich gestalte diese Wochenenden meist alleine, je nach Laune mit Reisen, kleineren Ausflügen, Entspannung durch Therme, Natur, Kunst, Städtetrips, Sport, Lesen, Wissen aneignen, Mindset/Persönlichkeitsentwicklung, Ordnung schaffen im Außen und im Innen je nach Notwendigkeit und grundsätzlich einfach mit mir und meinem Sein.

Auch die Kinder bekommen das mit, merken, dass ich entspannter, frischer, erholter bin und auch sie fangen an Fragen zu stellen, was ich denn am Wochenende gemacht hätte und wollen dann auch mal mit und gemeinsam ähnliches unternehmen. Das gibt mir sehr viel Kraft, da ich den Kids dadurch ein größeres Denken und was alles möglich ist mit auf ihren Weg gebe.

Doch wo war ich als Frau in der Zeit mit der Beziehung mit meinem Ex-Partner? Ich hatte mich verloren, aber nie ganz. Ich nahm mir Zeit raus aus der Sicht meines Ex-Partners, um für mich selbst zu sorgen und Dinge zu tun, die mir gut tun. Verständnis war hier leider fehl am Platz, was die Freude an den Dingen schmälerte, dabei waren sie so überlebensnotwendig aus damaliger Sicht.
Es waren viele Dinge in jedem Bereich, die mich dann zum Entschluss brachten, mich von dieser im Nachhinein gesehenen toxischen Beziehung zu trennen. Alles endet, um neu beginnen zu können. Es war ein notwendiger Schritt, weil meine Seele sonst gestorben wäre, und mein Körper schrie regelmäßig eh schon auf. Ich konnte nicht wirklich ich sein und trotz gelebtem inneren Minimalismus wäre mir das auf Dauer zu wenig gewesen. Es war der Überlebensmodus, der mich zu lange in dieser Beziehung hielt, Haus, Kinder, „was denken dann die anderen“ etc.

Dies war kein egoistischer Schritt, sondern der erste Schritt der Selbstfürsorge.
Trotz dreier Kinder hatte ich zu keinem Zeitpunkt seit meinem Entschluss zu gehen Angst oder dergleichen. Es fühlt sich nach wie vor sehr befreiend an.

Ich trennte mich gleichzeitig von Erwartungen anderer und fing an einzusehen, dass nur ich für mich selbst sorgen kann, dass nur ich mir das geben kann, was ich brauche und ich voll in meiner Verantwortung mir selbst gegenüber stehe, sonst niemand.
Bei diesem Prozess gingen auch viele Menschen aus meinem Leben, und ich erkannte die Richtigen. Viele blieben nicht übrig, dafür  die Richtigen und ich allein mit meinem Wohlfühl-Mindset.

In diesem Jahr setzte ich mich viel mit mir auseinander, setzte   m i c h   auseinander, nahm Gefühle und meine bisherige Interpretation davon unter die Lupe. Vieles durfte gehen, manches wurde verändert, und einiges blieb, weil das nunmal ich bin. Ein teilweise schmerzhafter Prozess, und so wertvoll.

Die Frage, die ich mir stelle, ist, bin ich eine Alpha-Frau?
Ich weiß es nicht. Und ehrlich gestanden, ist es mir auf ziemlich Schnuppe, solange ich bei mir bin und mich nicht selbst vergesse.

Liebes G-Emotion, ich hoffe, viele Frauen sehen deine Seite und werden  dadurch inspiriert und habe den Mut, vielleicht sogar dahingehend, selbst in diese Richtung ihre Erfahrungen und Umsetzungen und Geschichten mitzuteilen.

Ich freue mich auf weitere Beiträge von dir oder deiner Leserschaft,
Alles Liebe, Kerstin

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